How your gift saves lives

American Transplant Foundation is the only nonprofit in the country that provides financial assistance to the most vulnerable transplant patients and living donors for lost wages and lifesaving medications, regardless of legal status.

We go beyond awareness by connecting people to life by offering free personalized peer mentorship program for those on dialysis, on the transplant waitlist, potential living donors, and caregivers.

Your financial gift goes towards providing real help to real families.

The need:

Your gift helps living donors save lives; transplant recipients access medications to keep them healthy; and families receive 1:1 support so they don’t face the transplant journey alone.

Your gift makes a huge difference. 

  • 20 people die every day in our country while waiting for a lifesaving transplant
  • 95% of people on the waiting list are waiting for a kidney or liver – organs that can be donated by a living person
  • Today, 114,423 people in America are waiting for an organ transplant that can come from a living donor. In 2017, 5,254 Americans died before receiving an organ that could have come from a living person—5,254 deaths that were utterly preventable.