" I want to become a dialysis technician and hopefully be a source of inspiration for other individuals in kidney failure. "

latasha—  POtential kidney Transplant Recipient 

My name is LaTasha, and I am asking for your help to save my life. I am on the kidney transplant list in Atlanta, Georgia.

My life has been turned upside down! One day I was living on my own, working in my career, totally independent and living my best life. I noticed that I wasn't feeling my normal self and developed a fever that didn't respond to fever reducers and went to the doctor. After collecting blood work, I was instructed to go directly to the emergency room, where I was admitted and spent the next 14 days in testing and immediate care.  During my hospital stay it was discovered that my kidney function was high and required the most extreme measures of dialysis, along with recovery from pneumonia.  

After I went home, I expected to return to my life. My job was understanding and applied no immediate pressure to return, and my family was there to encourage my healing. I will welcome a kidney transplant of any form, however in my research I learned that the life expectancy of a living donor transplant is much longer than a deceased donor. Any extra years that I can have will give me more time to reach my goals and do many of the things that I do for others.

I would like to share that your contribution to my life goes beyond just an organ! Not only will we be forever connected, but your selflessness and sacrifice will have lasting effects on undetermined numbers of people in both your circle and mine. So, I don't take life for granted, to make me a better transplant recipient and for a healthier life up to this point I have lost 48 pounds. With this life change, the only condition that I now have is End Stage Renal Disease.

I am a family-oriented person who likes to travel.  I am a big part of my nephews' lives, and I am missing out on a lot of their activities because they travel with their sports teams and I have to go to dialysis three times a week. I also used to go visit my 97-year-old grandfather a lot, but it is hard because the center doesn't always have space available. I attend church every Sunday, help my mom around the house, play games on my phone, and read books on my Kindle. 

I am looking for a living donor. Of course, my first option was my immediate family but due to existing medical conditions they were eliminated and not able to donate.  Next, I used social media and shared my story with the rest of my family and friends.

Living donor transplants generally have better outcomes and can be arranged at a time convenient for both parties. I am compatible with any Type B+ blood type. Even if you do not have the same blood type, you can donate as part of a paired exchange program.

Prior to this life event one of my hobbies was to travel.  I am no longer able to do so and the group of friends that I shared new experiences with has faded. I long to regain my social life and to travel and I worry if or when this is ever going to happen.  

The first step is to contact my transplant center using the information in the box above. The entire process is strictly confidential and medical costs are covered by my insurance. Please review existing Living Donor Benefits/Rights to determine which apply to you.

In addition, the American Transplant Foundation has financial assistance available to cover any lost wages while you donate for those who are eligible after donation.   My biggest hope and dream is to receive a kidney soon.

After transplantation I want to become a dialysis technician and hopefully be a source of inspiration for other individuals in kidney failure. Thank you for considering saving my life.  
With deep gratitude,


To Become My Living Donor:


Please contact my transplant coordinator below if you would like to be tested to become my donor. You will need my name: LaTasha B. 


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