“By donating you would be giving me a chance at a normal life. A life I have yet to experience.”


In Need of a Liver Donor

As a dedicated mother of two children aged 8 and 9, and a proud Veteran alongside my husband, I am in urgent need of a liver transplant. Despite our demanding jobs, we always prioritize our kids and spending quality time with family. I have always strived to put my children first, but now I need your help to continue being the great mom they deserve. By donating, you would not only be giving me the gift of life but also the chance to experience a normal life that I have yet the opportunity to enjoy. My family and I would be forever grateful for your generosity.

The most important thing to me is seeing my children grow up. My parents are moving to Pennsylvania to be closer to my family and provide support during this time, and I am eagerly looking forward to having them around. I have been battling Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) for some time now, and the help they can provide will be invaluable. Right now, my life is a struggle. I have spent the past five weeks in the ICU in Pennsylvania and cannot leave without a transplant. The anxiety and isolation of being away from home, coupled with having a catheter and a feeding tube, make this an urgent situation. I miss my two small children terribly and long to be with them again. By donating, you would be giving me the chance to live a normal life and be the mother my children deserve and need.

I am looking for a living donor. I am asking this of both friends and strangers, because I have no immediate family that is able to donate. Living donor transplants generally have better outcomes and can be arranged at a time convenient for both parties. I am compatible with any Type A + or O+ blood type.

The most difficult part of waiting for a transplant is not knowing what the future holds. I hope to continue a lifetime of serving my community, raising my children, and spending time with my loved ones. The first step is to contact my transplant center using the information in the box above. The entire process is strictly confidential and medical costs are covered by my insurance.

Please review existing Living Donor Benefits/Rights to determine which apply to you.

Thank you for considering saving my life.  

With deep gratitude,