"I am looking for a living donor to have the surgery completed sooner and also a higher success rate. Please consider helping me. I am losing hope."

Lorie— POtential Liver Transplant Recipient

My name is Lorie, and I am asking for your help to save my life.

Currently I have a paracentesis completed each week which removes an average of 6L of fluid from my abdomen.  I lost 95lbs in 3 months. I am admitted to the hospital too often for low electrolytes and have difficulties with daily tasks/staying awake.

I am a 53 year old widow. I currently take care of my 11 year old daughter and my 88 year old mother with dementia. These two need me and have nobody else to take care of them. I'm fearing they are going to lose me. I do not have many hobbies besides enjoying watching the sunset from my porch as I'm constantly busy taking care of family. It's a full time job that keeps me on my toes. I currently have a hard time doing it due to my illness. I have difficulties staying awake and eating. I can no longer do household chores such as laundry, certain cleaning,  or bathing my own mother.

I am seeking a living donor to help save my life. I am asking this of both friends and strangers, because I have no immediate family available to donate. Living donor transplants generally have better outcomes and can be arranged at a time convenient for both parties. No waiting and wondering while my body continues to weaken.

Thank you for considering saving my life.


To Become My Living Donor:


Please fill out the screening questionnaire  below if you would like to be tested to become my donor. You will need my full name: Lorie Stull and my DOB: 03/15/1969. ALL MEDICAL COSTS ARE PAID BY MY INSURANCE!


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