nancy l.

"This single random act of kindness will allow me to continue to be actively engage in the community and give back to others in need. Please know that I know how and will take the utmost care of preserving this precious gift of life. Thank you for considering and supporting me"

Nancy— POtential Kidney Transplant Recipient

My name is Nancy Lee, and I am asking for your help to save my life.

I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, a slow progressing kidney disease, when I was 17 years old.  I received a living donor transplant from my brother when I was 27.  Over these past 25 years, I have made it a point to live a healthy lifestyle -- eating well and exercising regularly, but unfortunately, my kidney has finally succumbed to end stage renal failure.  I am currently on the transplant waitlist, and have been for almost three years.

I am a recently widowed, and now single mom balancing full-time work while raising two kids. During these next 8 years, I wish and hope I can be as fully engaged with my two children as they move into adulthood, but I am worried about the physical and mental strain of dialysis along with other responsibilities that will make it difficult for me. I work hard to stay healthy and fit, and love being active with my kids. Activities I enjoy are running, snowboarding, yoga, gardening, hiking, trying new foods and traveling. I feel it is important to give back to the community and to do good.

At the age of 51, I’m at a transitional age where I still feel young and healthy enough to live a fully active life, where I want to continue to be role model to my kids and to be actively involved in their lives and the community at large.  I know that through a living donation, it will give me a better chance to have a good quality of life and a kidney that may possibly last longer, hopefully through the rest of my life.

I am asking this of both friends and strangers, because I have no immediate family available to donate. Living donor transplants generally have better outcomes and can be arranged at a time convenient for both parties. No waiting and wondering while my body continues to weaken.

The most difficult part of waiting for a transplant is not knowing what the future holds. The first step is to contact my transplant center using the information on this page. The entire process is strictly confidential and medical costs are covered by my insurance. 

Please review existing Living Donor Benefits/Rights to determine which apply to you. In addition, the American Transplant Foundation has a Financial Resource Guide you can consult for further information.  

Thank you for saving my life.


To Become My Living Donor:


Please contact my Transplant Coordinator below if you would like to be tested to become my donor. ALL MEDICAL COSTS ARE PAID BY MY INSURANCE!


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