Each day, 14 people die waiting for a kidney or liver - two organs that can be donateD by a living donor.  Give just $14 a month.

For just 47 cents per day, you can help: 

  • Living donors give the Gift of Life with one-on-one education, support, financial assistance, and fair legislation.
  • Potential kidney recipients find a potential living donor.
  • Transplant recipients access lifesaving medications.
  • Raise awareness about the safety and success of living organ donation.

When you join Save a Life Monthly Giving Club, you become part of a passionate community of monthly donors whose sustained support makes it possible for the American Transplant Foundation to serve more transplant patients, living donors, and their families each year. 

Member Benefits:

  • A Limited Edition Save a Life lapel pin (pictured left) as a token of our appreciation for your generosity.
  • An annual statement to assist in tax preparation.
  • Special recognition on our website and social media - available only for our first 50 founding members! There is also an option to be listed as an anonymous donor if you prefer.
You will fund a mentor/mentee match through our free program and give transplant patients the support they need during their journey.
You will provide a grant to a transplant recipient to gain access to their lifesaving anti-rejection medication that keeps them alive.
You will help to cover rent/mortgage for a living donor and their family after the surgery, so they can Save a Life without facing a financial crisis.
Any amount chosen goes directly towards assisting the most vulnerable transplant recipients and living donors nationwide


Your donation helped LaToya to give her mother the Gift of Life. LaToya’s mother desperately needed a liver transplant but could not find a match. LaToya was able to donate her liver and give her mother a second chance at life.

I was fortunate to receive a grant from the American Transplant Foundation to help pay for my rent. This donation helped ease financial stress I had after surgery. I would like to personally thank ATF for supporting me through this journey.” – LaToya, Living Donor

When you join Save a Life Giving Club, our monthly giving program, you can make a lifesaving difference for people like LaToya and hundreds of other transplant patients– for just a few dollars each month. 

Just a few dollars each month will help her mother recover without the financial stress of wondering if she’ll be able to pay her bills or for her medication. 

Read more about how your generous donation can make a difference for others here >

You compassion and support makes a difference in the lives of so many.