Special prize announced for the first rider to reach $1,000!

Hellooooo Team Transplant!

Let’s talk fundraising, shall we?

As I sit and look out of my office right now, I’m not feeling particularly motivated. SNOW? Really? It seems inconceivable that spring will get here but… Trust me. The snow will melt, we’ll be pulling our bikes off the racks in the garage, pumping tires, filling water bottles, and hitting the trails. Some of you might have even done it last weekend.

And as important (and fun) as it is to train for the ride, now’s the time for us to also turn our attention to the reason why we’re all a part of Team Transplant—fundraising. It’s time to think about why you feel motivated to be on the team, and why it’s important to you.

It’s easier than it sounds. Last year my husband and I wrote an email, talking about why Team Transplant is important to us and we blind copied pretty much everyone in our address books. Colleagues. Friends. Friends of friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it. And by the time we were picking up our registration packets on that sunny (yes, SUNNY) day in May, we had raised over $1200.

Which brings me to the AWESOME news I have to share with you: The first Team Transplant rider who raises $1,000 will receive a FREE 3-month personal training program with Tyler Hamilton Training (a $900 value). How cool is that?

Some ideas on how to get to $1000:

1. Update your facebook status telling your friends about Team Transplant

2. Send out an email to friends and family (There’s a sample letter in the fundraising toolkit!)

3. Hang up a poster in your office, on the fridge, wherever! (Let us know if you want posters!)

4. Put the pressure on all those co-workers pawning off Girl Scout Cookies. Three months of personal training will work off a lot of Thin Mints!

5. Ask for 2 bucks from 500 friends. Ask for 5 bucks from 200 friends. Ask for 10 bucks from 100 friends. See where I’m going with this?

AND… all of this is on top of the amazing stuff that you get from the American Transplant Foundation for raising all that money! Check it out on the website at AmericanTransplantFoundation.org. You’ll be looking sizzling hot in the cycling gear you’ll earn… not to mention what 3 months of personal training will do for you!

REMEMBER: This is for the FIRST rider to hit $1,000. It’s a Friday morning. If I can sit here and blog, you can blow off work for a few minutes to send an email, update your Facebook, and put a post on your Twitter page. It will take just a few seconds, and who wants to work on a snowy Friday anyway?

Let’s raise some money!


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