Who’s your posse?

Hey there Team Transplant…

It’s a beautiful week here in Denver Colorado, and as I look at the sunshine outside my office window my mind drifts away from my day job and to cycling and enjoying the fresh air. If I can’t be outside enjoying this fine weather on my bike, I might as well blog about it, right?

So… who’s riding with you for Team Transplant this year? Another great avenue for fundraising—and even better than going at it alone—is to recruit new people to join the ride! Last year, my husband and I rode together on the 25-mile off road. It was such an amazing experience that this year I started recruiting my friends and family before the registration was even online!

It’s such a fun experience to be a part of Team Transplant, especially when you’re out there riding and fellow E-Rock riders ask you about your jersey and the foundation (it’s true, it happened to us twice!). And I have to say, it’s even more fun if you can get your friends and family involved. This year, I’m riding with my husband, a few friends, and my 64-year old mother. There are no age limits! There is a course for everyone!

Today’s Challenge:

1. Recruit a rider. Email your best friend, invite somebody from work, or invite a family member and invite them to register now.

2. Comment and let us know who you invited, and why! Challenge them publicly via the “Comments” section of the blog! How can they say no???

Heck, I’ll put some skin in the game. I, Susan, Team Transplant Blogger, challenge the following people to join me on Team Transplant:

1. Julie
2. Christine
3. Cheryl
4. Red
5. Jessica
6. Joel (I know you’ve got a goal of 5,000 miles this year, this will help!)
7. Joan
8. Liam
9. Scott

Get involved, and involve others! I’ll be looking for your comments!

Devoted Rider and Shameless Promoter

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