We have a winner…and another prize announcement too!

Hey there, Team Transplant. I hope that this weekend’s beautiful weather inspired some of you to get out there and start training. Today, I have two VERY exciting updates for you.

First off, a HUGE congratulations to Steve Klein for being the first rider to reach $1,000!!! Amazing job! As you may recall, he not only has the bragging rights of being the #1 Team Transplant fundraiser to date, he is the lucky winner of THREE MONTHS of personal training courtesy of Tyler Hamilton Training.

Steve, does that mean you’ll be signing up for the century in June? Great job!!!

SECONDLY, I’m proud to share with you that 1st place prize for fundraising has been announced—it’s this hot little Trek 2.3 Road Series (see below for image), courtesy of our sponsors Wheat Ridge Cyclery! The folks at Wheat Ridge Cyclery will provide you with the appropriate size and style, and even provide you with a basic fit. This is big news—this bike is worth $2,000!

1st Place Fundraising Prize for Team Transplant 2010

So, let’s get out there and start raising some money! Send your emails and your solicitations to anyone you know—anyone want one of those posters for your office yet? Please see my previous blog post for details on fundraising kits, sample emails, and other helpful hints to get started.

Spring is here… let’s get moving!


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