Kidney donor and recipient to cycle with ‘Team Transplant’ to promote living organ donation

May 19, 2010 – Alice Hughes,

“…’I encourage everyone to investigate and consider donation,’ says Chris [de Paola]. ‘We have the capability to save the lives of people who have families, children, and friends. People who may have stories like mine, stories that end with multiple lives being saved and others changed for the better.’

To celebrate their health, Chris will fly to Colorado to cycle 34 miles with Michelle at the Subaru Elephant Rock Ride on Sunday, June 6th in Castle Rock. They are riding with Team Transplant, a charity team formed by the Denver-based American Transplant Foundation to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation. Many other transplant recipients and living organ donors are riding to prove that it’s possible to lead a healthy, active lifestyle after a transplant…”

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