New Colorado Law Offers Some Paid Time Off For Living Organ Donors

Coloradan Bruce Magley had his first kidney taken out when he was 3 years old because of a tumor. Last April, his left kidney gave out too.

Now he goes to dialysis at least three times a week as he waits for a much-needed kidney.

Governor Hickenlooper signed the Living Donor bill into law this week.

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New Organ Donor Support Act Brings Hope To Thousands

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper held had a ceremonial signing for a new law that could potentially save lives.  The passing would make Colorado one of the first states to subsidize paid leave for living organ donors.

living donor support 10pkg transfer frame 431 New Organ Donor Support Act Brings Hope To ThousandsAccording to Donate Life Colorado, the state currently has more than 2,500 people waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant.

Trent Thompson is one of them.

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Committee Approves Bill Giving Living Organ Donors Paid Leave

Organ donation can mean a whole new chance at life for recipients, but for the people helping them out, sometimes it can cause some challenges as they’re helping someone out.

One of those challenges comes with getting paid time off of work to save a life.

That barrier has just been made easier to get through.


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Organ Donor Bill Passes Committee Following Flight Nurse Testimony

On Monday, Colorado lawmakers heard from people who are alive today because of living organ donation and are pushing for the Colorado Living Donor Support Act.

living donor act 6pkg transfer frame 1989 Organ Donor Bill Passes Committee Following Flight Nurse Testimony

A proposed bill was introduced to provide paid time off to living donors who share a kidney or a part of their liver. That bill passed the House Finance Committee Monday evening with a final vote of 8 to three.

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Injured Flight Nurse Now Giving Back

After a record settlement in a helicopter crash that killed the pilot and nearly killed him, fight nurse Dave Repsher is ready to start anew.

repsher post settlement pkg 1opm new frame 422 Injured Flight Nurse Now Giving Back

“Well it’s such a beautiful place,” Dave said as he stood with CBS4’s Alan Gionet in the park built in memory of his late friend pilot Patrick Mahany.


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Colorado Considers Tax Break for Organ Donors

Imagine having to choose between paying your rent and helping to save a friend’s life. That’s the situation that organ donation advocates hope to prevent with a new bill.

This wasn’t theoretical in one high-profile case: a deadly crash of a medical helicopter in 2015 in Frisco, Colorado.



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State Bill Would Give Living Organ Donors Paid Time Off

In Colorado, 2,433 people are waiting for an organ transplant. Of those, 1,792 need a kidney, an organ that can be donated by a living person. Now, state lawmakers are considering a bill to make living donations a little easier called the Colorado Living Donor Support Act.

It would provide paid time off to living donors. The hope is without the financial hardship, more people would be willing to donate.


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Colorado Living Donor Support Act

Last year, more Coloradans died or became too sick to remain on the transplant wait list than the number of Coloradans who died as a result of homicide.

Help us support living donors by making the process less of a burden. Sign the petition and join the cause to help save lives.



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Denver Teacher’s Life Saved By a Living Kidney Donor

As a teacher, giving comes easy. Even when the student taking it in isn’t exactly eager to receive.

“Yeah, I’ve never been a big history fan,” said sophomore Ben Patten at the Denver Academy.

Yet somehow, Andy Klaus Corritore won him over last year. He tends to win them all over.

“He was my favorite teacher last year, so I talked about him a lot,” Patten said.


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Saint Francis Kidney Transplant Program Clinical Social Worker Receives National Award

Katie Peoples, Saint Francis Kidney Transplant Program Clinical Social Worker, was honored at our 2016 Transplant Hero Awards Gala.

Lanie Alford Katie Peoples Anastasia Honorees THA Gala 2016 (1024x683)

June 11, 2016, marked the 10th anniversary of the American Transplant Foundation (ATF), which was celebrated with a gala event at the Ritz-Carlton in Denver, Colorado, honoring Transplant Hero Award recipients.


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