Living Organ Donor Insurance Act, Unanimous Vote!

March 28, 2019, Denver, CO — Yesterday, was another big stride for living organ donors! At the Health & Insurance Committee Meeting at the Colorado State Capitol, Sponsors Representative Buckner and Representative Landgraf presented House Bill 19-1253. The Living Organ Donor Insurance Act (HB19-1253) prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage or increasing premiums for living organ donors based solely on their status as a living donor. By removing such barriers, more people can give and receive lifesaving organ transplants.

The Health & Insurance Committee was overwhelmed that this discrimination even exists and was intrigued by the testimony given. Representative Titone of the Health & Insurance Committee recently added herself to the Bone Marrow Registry and was immediately a strong ‘Yes’ in support of this Bill, as well as many other Representatives.

The Committee heard testimony from our friends over at the National Kidney Foundation, and an organ receiver Gary who spoke on behalf of American Transplant Foundation. Because of Gary’s organ donor, he was able to receive a kidney and get off of dialysis within months of his diagnosis. Most individuals waiting for a deceased kidney donor, spend 5-7 years on dialysis while waiting. It was clear that after Gary’s testimony, the Committee was excited to help get this Bill passed. In fact, statements were given by Representatives Soper, Baisley, Beckman, Will, and Jackson, as well as Chairwoman Lontine in support of this Bill.

After testimony and further discussion, House Bill 19-1253 (The Living Organ Donor Insurance Act) passed unanimously 9-0. 

Thank you to Representative Buckner and Representative Landgraf for sponsoring this life-changing legislation.  Also, a huge ‘Thank You!’ to all of the living organ donors out there who are saving lives every day! We’re looking forward to taking this legislation to the Senate to better your life as donors.

For more information on The Living Organ Donor Insurance Act, download our fact sheet HERE.

If you are in support of The Living Organ Donor Support Act, sign our petition HERE. 

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