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Community During Crisis

Hello to all in these times of such uncertainty and now such challenges for the so many transplant patients that are, today, in dire need and are applying and hoping for support from our wonderful American Transplant Foundation. I have been a volunteer and, also, a family supported for 13 years as my daughter Kelsey, at age 17, needed a living donor to survive. Kelsey’s road has been a long one – now 4 kidney transplants later, all living donors and with much support from the ATF family, she is doing well and working in the medical social work field, to also be of support to patients and families.

The American Transplant Foundation’s crisis fund was created to provide direct REAL life saving financial support to patients – be it expensive meds, rent from recently being laid off, or those needing in or out patient hospital care…. plus other items. With the $1200 Coronavirus Stimulus check I’ll be receiving I’ve decided to donate a large portion to the Crisis Fund of the ATF and the remainder to my local homeless shelter. Yes, I’m lucky to have a job so the dollars will be given to those patients who are so at risk today.

IF you have the resources, PLEASE consider taking this government payment and giving where it will help the most and I might add, consider someday becoming a living organ donor. Tell you what, Dan, Kaye and 20 year old Nate, all strangers to Kelsey stepped up and gave back more than money, they donated an organ and Life to my little girl. They are blessed!

Thank you to Steve C. for being a continued supporter of the American Transplant Foundation, especially through Team Transplant. This article was written from his heart and we couldn’t be more thankful for him.

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