April is Donate Life Month

Hello, my Team Transplant Friends!

Yes, I realize that it is April 27th, so perhaps I’m a little late in the game (okay, a LOT late in the game) to be waxing poetic about the month of April, but we’ve got 3 days left and it’s still Donate Life Month. What better time to reach out to your supporters, your friends, your family and colleagues, and remind them about why you ride each year on Team Transplant?

Donate Life Month is a great way to remind people about the power of transplant. As a marketing geek, I know that you usually have to put something in front of your average viewer seven times for it to sink in. Think Donate Life. Think Connecting People to Life. Think of the license plate. The billboards. The opportunities to register as a donor. Living donation, and living donors! Consider your email as one of those vehicles to help those around you to realize, remember, and decide to take action to support this great cause.

Another thought for you as we wind up this rainy month– May is only three days away! With May comes glorious training rides, the beautiful hints of the balmy summer days to come, the slathering of the sunscreen and strapping on of your helmet to get out there and start enjoying the state of Colorado that so many cyclists have come to know and love. Let’s click it into gear, folks, and start telling people about Subaru Elephant Rock and the biggest team there!

Stay tuned here on the blog for more details about potential training rides, tips and tricks about spin classes, cycle maintenance, fundraising tips, and ways to involve your friends and family in this great ride. I’ve started a team– The Transplant Leadership Council– and I simply can not wait to tell you more about it. Perhaps some of you will want to join me… or perhaps you’ll start your own team! A little competition goes a very long way.

So, as we sit here and wrap up this Wednesday afternoon, think ahead to the weekend. Think about where you might want to ride this weekend, who you want to ride with, and what it’s going to take them to start on the journey towards a successful 2011 Team Transplant ride with you.

I’ll be back a little later this week, looking forward to seeing your comments and hearing about your success! Don’t be shy– let me know you’re out there, comment on the blog, ask questions, tell me what you need to learn about and I will find out for you! Let’s do it!

Ready for Team Transplant to Start Talking Back!

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