Volunteering with ATF!

This year, the American Transplant Foundation has been invited to pariticipate as an Interactive Educational Center (IEC) at 9 Health Fairs across the Denver area!

We rely on volunteers to make our lifesaving initiatives possible. Whether it’s advocating for organ donation or doing community outreach through education and awareness events, we are grateful for each volunteer that dedicates their time and talents. To help with our IEC’s this spring, we are looking for donor family members, transplant recipients, living donors  and others who are passionate encouraging others to give the Gift of Life through organ donation.

Interested in volunteering?

Sign up to help April 12th or on April 14th

Every Spring, people from around the state come together to deliver 9Health Fair’s free and low-cost health awareness and educational programs. Because of this volunteerism, over 100,000 lives are impacted annually. Since 1980, 9Health Fair has affected 1.7 million lives.

As an IEC, the American Transplant Foundation will offer a wide range of up-to-date health, wellness, and educational information for the community. By providing accurate and credible literature and hands-on demonstrations, we encourage people to life active, healthy lifestyles before, after and during their transplant journey.

To find a fair near you, visit www.9healthfair.org.



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