2013 TLC at Harman Hall

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At this summer’s get-together, the Foundation’s network of young professional supporters celebrated the difference the American Transplant Foundation has made in the lives of the transplant patients in the country.


On behalf of the Foundation, we’d like to thank all Transplant Leadership Council (TLC) Members on an incredible expansion of our Patient Assistance Program. In less than two years, this program went from helping people in 3 states to assisting the most vulnerable transplant patients in 31 states! What an incredible accomplishment.


51 living donors and 44 transplant recipients from 51 transplant centers across the U.S. have received lifesaving assistance and that number keeps growing every day. The impact this program and our volunteers have made is tremendous; ultimately lives are being saved and families are being restored. Whether it is a father from Nevada, a niece from Washington, a friend from Virginia or a daughter from Colorado – we are helping families every day.

Please take a minute to read all the wonderful testimonials from patients we’ve helped.


Not only did we celebrate the tangible impact of the Foundation’s programs, we also celebrated the victories of our volunteers and friends. Adam Leventhal, an altruistic kidney donor was our special guest for the evening. We also congratulated our fellow TLC member, John Warner, on his lifesaving kidney transplant!


It was truly a wonderful evening of celebrating life in the company of good friends!

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 Click here to view more photos from this wonderful event!


Click here for more information on the Foundation’s  Young Professionals Group, the Transplant Leadership Council.

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