“Second Chance at Life” Arts Exhibition & Premier Party

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Second Chance at Life was a fine arts initiative meant to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation from both living and deceased donors. This event/exhibition raised funds for the most vulnerable organ transplant patients through a private artist reception and silent auction. The show’s art came from artists around the country, including some with direct transplant experience. Some of the pieces are for sale in our online shop and all proceeds will go to the Foundation. The premiere party raised $20,000 for the Foundation (gross revenue).


The exhibit united the world of art and that of transplant, educating the public about a topic that is potentially foreign to them. Every day, 21 people die while waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Of the 123,472 people awaiting a transplant, 117,168 could be saved by a living donor. Educating the public and increasing the amount of living donors is the mission of both the American Transplant Foundation and the Second Chance at Life arts exhibition.


This event was made possible by our amazing sponsor, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. CTCA logo


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