Kidney for Kelsey campaign receives support from Colorado couple


Bob Stewart’s viral campaign to get a kidney donation for his wife, Michelle, has taken on a new champion this last week. In recent news, Bob’s ad on the back of his truck stating ‘WIFE NEEDS KIDNEY’ gained the support and traction of the internet and was posted all over social media. This ad was answered by Mason Holland, a 22-year-old from Denver, Colorado, who donated his kidney in order to save Michelle’s life.


Click here to read Michelle’s Story

However, Kelsey Crider, a 26-year-old from Boulder, Colorado, desperately needs her fourth kidney transplant. Kelsey was diagnosed with systemic kidney failure at 17, which has caused her last three transplants to fail over the last 9 years. Having been helped by a stranger themselves, Bob and Michelle wanted to take up Kelsey’s cause and help her find a donor. This act of kindness has gained the attention of multiple news stations.

Read CBS Denver’s story on Kelsey and the Stewarts.



Read 9 News’s story about Kelsey and the Stewarts.



To learn more about Kelsey’s cause, visit

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