ACTION ALERT: Act Now to Protect Colorado Living Organ Donors

ACTION ALERT: Contact Your State Representative and Senator NOW.

Earlier today, the Colorado House of Representatives voted to remove Senate Amendment L.004 that added health insurance companies to the list of entities who cannot discriminate against living donors (House Bill 1253 – Living Organ Donor Insurance Act).
What does it mean? In case the Affordable Care Act goes away, living donors will be unprotected. This legislation is a huge opportunity to protect living donors – similar to the legislation the State of New York passed last year. Please urge Colorado legislators to do the right thing and do everything the can to protect Living Donors.
This bill is now headed to the Conference Committee and there is still time to make the change. You can also reach out to the Conference Committee Members directly:

Guidance for outreach to your legislators

When you contact your State Representative and State Senator (use this link to find out who they are) remember the following:
  • Tell them you are a constituent; legislators pay attention to those who put – and keep – them in office.
  • Communicate aspects important to you in your own words; legislators prefer not to receive standardized emails and/or calls.
  • Include something specific to your district (a personal story, something you saw/heard, why this matter is especially important to you, etc.).
  • Include a reference to House Bill 1253 – Living Organ Donor Insurance Act

For a phone call:

  1. Introduce yourself as a constituent as well as your professional affiliation or role in the community and your connection to living donation/transplant.
  2. “I am calling to show my support HB19-1253 and the L.004 amendment. I feel including health insurance companies to the list of entities who cannot discriminate is vital to the Living Organ Donor Insurance Act.”
  3. Share your living organ donation story. (optional)
  4. Thank the elected official for their time and consideration.

For an email:

Subject Line: Please Stand Up for CO Living Donors! HB-1253
Dear Senator/Representative [ENTER LAST NAME],
My name is [ENTER NAME] and I am a [INSERT PROFESSIONAL TITLE (optional)]. I am writing you today to strongly encourage you to step up and protect living donors in Colorado by keeping the amendment L004 (HB-1253) that adds health insurance companies to the list of entities who are not allowed to discriminate against living donors.
  • By rejecting an amendment L004 health insurance will be removed from this bill – which is unfair to living organ donors.
  • Yes, Affordable Care Act addresses the issue of discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, however, even if it is redundant, it makes sense to have health insurance as a part of the bill (not just life/disability/long-term care) – to give living donors a piece of mind in the present and protect them in case ACA goes away in the future.
  • The state of New York passed a similar bill last year and they did include health insurance for these reasons. Please stand up to protect Colorado Living Donors. Colorado Senate voted to include health insurance, however, it was rejected by the House this morning.
As one of your constituents, I urge you to work with the Conference Committee Members (Rep. Buckner, Rep. Landgraf, Rep. Titone) to make this bill as strong as it can be for all living donors in our state.
Thank you very much for your help.
Thank you for fighting with us for living organ donor rights!
Questions? Please call us at 303-757-0959 or email us at
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