New Colorado Living Donor Laws Effective This Year

2020 is an important year for Living Donors. As of January 1st, two bills that the American Transplant Foundation advocated for have officially taken effect: Living Donor Support Act and Living Donor Insurance Act!

The Living Donor Support Act  (HB 1202) supports living donors by allowing their employers to claim an income tax credit for expenses incurred during the donor’s surgery period. This helps living donors be able to take a leave of absence for the purpose of their organ donation.

“Living organ donation is not only the most effective way to eliminate the organ transplant waitlist in Colorado, but is also the most economically beneficial way to address many chronic health issues, particularly kidney disease.”

Senator Bob Gardner

The Living Donor Insurance Act (HB19-1253) prohibits insurance providers (health, life, disability income, long-term care) from discriminating against living donors. They may not deny coverage or increase premiums based on living donor status.

For living donor laws or financial incentives in your state, click here

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