National Donor Day 2020

National Donor Day is a chance for all of us to celebrate the heroes in our lives.

This year we heard so many stories of how an organ donation saved an individual’s life. Those donations wouldn’t be possible without the support of our transplant community, which includes living donors, transplant patients, family members, caregivers, spouses, siblings, and other loved ones. We are so grateful for each and every one of you.

One of the many stories we heard, was the beautiful love story between Amanda and Eric. Amanda and Eric recently created a fundraiser for the American Transplant Foundation. We love to hear from our community so we reached out to ask them about their story. Amanda was gracious enough to send back the following story:

Eric is a transplant surgeon and I am a transplant pharmacist. We met in Madison, WI while we were both still in training. We certainly aren’t kids anymore so a traditional wedding registry didn’t seem like a good fit. We knew we wanted the money to go towards helping others. Because we are both passionate about transplants (and that’s how we met), I had the idea that we donate to a transplant organization. I really wanted to donate to an organization that helped patients. I worked at the University of New Mexico where patients often have significant financial and social barriers to transplant. My transplant social worker always had the most wonderful things to say about the American Transplant Foundation, and how much the organization did to help patients. This was exactly the type of organization we were looking for for our wedding “registry”.We are excited to share our wedding with a great organization and hope this money can help patients who are truly in need of assistance.

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