Steve Farber – American Transplant Foundation’s Statement

For Immediate Release: March 4, 2020

Today, the American Transplant Foundation celebrates the incredible life of Steve Farber.

It is with profound sadness that we share the news that Steve Farber, our Founder, passed away this morning. He died peacefully surrounded by his loving family. The legacy he left, though, will live on forever.

Steve believed that no one should die while waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Through his own struggle of trying to find a living donor due to kidney failure, he realized how much needed to be done to help save lives here in America.

15 years ago, just one year after Steve received a kidney from his son Gregg, he started the American Transplant Foundation. Steve’s vision was to create a Foundation that goes beyond awareness and provides real help to transplant patients and their loved ones.

To date, the American Transplant Foundation has helped save 1,417 lives and provided $832,000 in direct patient and family support nationwide. Over 200 mentors who speak 12 languages have helped walk with others going through the transplant journey, and potential living donors have been given the tools to be able to save a life. And among our proudest victories, legislation has been passed to support living donors and their families.

To the Farber family, thank you for sharing the vision and passion to affect meaningful change. Cindy, Gregg, Brad, and Brent Farber have been by Steve’s side at the American Transplant Foundation since its inception, through board service, public speaking, and advocacy. His eldest son, Gregg, who donated his kidney to his father in 2004, created our Trivia for Life events in Denver and New York. Steve’s youngest son, Brad Farber, has been the Chairman of our Board for the last three years. Collectively, they are committed to continuing their father’s legacy.

Thank you, Steve, for starting a movement to make sure no one goes through the transplant journey alone and that, as a community, we do everything in our power to protect living donors and transplant recipients’ rights through advocacy and public policy. 

From all of us at the American Transplant Foundation, you will be missed and forever loved.

In lieu of gifts, the family has requested that all donations go directly to the American Transplant Foundation:

For a copy of our statement, please click here.

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