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My brother, Scott, is at it again, trying to raise needed monies for other people undergoing a needed organ transplant.  In the three years since donating a kidney to a friend, there have been many opportunities for him to offer support to others going through the process.  Recently, he learned that someone he had met two years ago at a “how-do-I-ask-for-help” event, whom he expected would die on dialysis, received a kidney from someone who had passed away.  The gift of life saved and completely changed his life.

On October 7, my brother (Scott), a fellow kidney donor (Steve Crider), and a kidney recipient (his friend, Jim), will be cycling a 30-mile course near Longmont, CO, to raise money for the American Transplant Foundation (ATF).  Since 2017, all of them have been involved with ATF, which provides financial assistance for donors and recipients who need help with the myriad and costly expenses of organ transplant.  Personally, after his donation Scott received help in paying his mortgage, which was sorely needed — and appreciated! 

As for his cycling fundraiser, ATF annually uses the Elephant Rock Cycling Festival in June as a fundraising event, but it was postponed then cancelled because of COVID-19.  That’s when Scott, Jim, and Steve got the idea to form their own ride, Team Transplant Trio for ATF.  As you can imagine, current economic troubles have wreaked havoc for non-profits, including AFT.  Now more than ever, AFT needs your help!  Every dollar raised goes to assist those whose lives will be dramatically improved through organ transplantation.

In closing, you support is desperately needed, and it will likely save the life of someone undergoing an organ transplant.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any amount by clicking on the following link:

Steve LaPoint, Brother and Supporter

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