Steve Crider – Transplant Warrior

An invitation to participate in my 12th Annual 25-mile bike ride, October 7th for a foundation close to my family’s heart and one that has helped Kelsey & 100’s of others over 12 long years  (one that actually gives back directly to organ donors/patients of organ loss – disease and continues to bring organ donors to those in need and to save lives).

 Hard to believe – We’ve have 4 Living Donors step up over the years to provide a life saving kidney to Kelsey and there are 2,500 patients like her in CO alone that need the same to survive (110K nationwide).  While donating a organ is not for everyone, and I get that, providing a small or more so donation to help others who can and will Donate Life is pretty special and good karma for those who can do so.

Well appreciated if $10, $25 or a few more is an amount you can help us with this year.  My heartfelt thanks and for those that can support a genuine great event and people that give of themselves.  Here’s the link (, takes 2 minutes to review and say YES!

THANKS TO ALL, for support to this effort, no matter a donation or just spreading the Word ! 

Boulder, CO

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