Trivia For Life: Virtual Experience

2020 brought with it new challenges for everyone, including the American Transplant Foundation. We wanted to engage with our community, while also raising much needed funds for the most vulnerable transplant patients across the nation. Which is how our Trivia For Life: Virtual Experiences came around.

In 2020, we were able to provide many different experiences including our private event, Sports Edition, Holiday Edition, and three corporate holiday parties.

Keeping the event production in house meant that there were technical difficulties but we had some great laughs along the way. With our infamous host and living kidney donor, Gregg Farber, creating the trivia content, we knew there was no way we wouldn’t have a huge success!

With fun team names such as Jews Wisely, Home Aloners, and Quarantini’s, there was plenty of competition! We had celebrity guests such Matt Iseman and Chris Simms, as well as bringing together families from across the nation when they weren’t able to see each other all year.

With so many incredible opportunities, we were able to provide $150,000 in financial support to transplant patients alone!

Our entire team is looking forward to another year of fun virtual events and hope you will be able to join us soon!

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