Team Transplant in 2020

We are a community of living donors, transplant recipients, and supporters raising awareness and funds to support those going through the transplant journey. 

Team Transplant rides to prove that it’s possible to lead a healthy, active lifestyle after a transplant. 

Due to COVID-19, this year looks very different. Since we were unable to participate in Elephant Rock, some of our Transplant Warriors have challenged themselves to create their own socially distanced activities.

Scott LaPoint (kidney donor), Steve Crider (kidney donor), and Jim Eastman (transplant recipient) have been a part of Team Transplant for many years. They have become “brothers” in their support of each other and of the American Tranpslant Foundation. Every interaction we are lucky enough to have with them is filled with passion and love that makes us push harder and do more. We couldn’t be more thankful for these warriors. 


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