Once again, the American Transplant Foundation is sending its thanks and kudos to Scott and Amy La Point, the impressive pair of cyclists who conquered 118 miles and 10,000 feet of unforgiving Colorado altitude to raise funds for our Patient Assistance Program.

The La Points’ participation in the legendary Triple Bypass, a Colorado cycling race that starts in Evergreen, ends in Avon, and encompasses three major mountain passes along the way, has helped the ATF provide direct aid to organ donors and recipients in need. The couple surpassed their fundraising goal days before the race even began, and finished with a respectable time despite the brutal July heat.  

Scott La Point is a living kidney donor and transplant activist who gave the gift of life to friend Jim Eastman in 2017. He and his wife Amy have an impressive resume with Team Transplant and have ridden all over Colorado, leaving raised funds and awareness in their wake. After the race, Scott made some closing remarks on Instagram:  

The 5 a.m. start time was earlier than I wanted to set out, but beating the heat was the name of the game for this year's Triple Bypass. That we wouldn't finish until after 7 p.m. wasn't something I was accustomed to either. But, hey, my wife persevered and did 118 miles and 10,800 feet of climbing. I managed to get in an extra 2 miles and 1,200 feet of climbing with my accordion back-to-back riding (going ahead then back to get Amy), and I was more tired than I'd expected. But we managed to top our goal for the American Transplant Foundation, meaning patients undergoing a transplant can get lifesaving financial assistance. Thanks to all my wonderful donors (money and organ) and friends! 

The LaPoints have achieved two incredible feats in vanquishing the Bypass- One of the body, and one of the heart. The American Transplant Foundation would again like to thank them, and those who donated to their participation, for their continued support of the transplant community.