Can You Be A Double-Organ Donor AND Run Ultra Marathons?

There are less than 100 people and less than 50 men in the entire world who are double-living organ donors (donated not one, but TWO organs while alive).

Jay Julian donated one of his kidneys in 2010 and 60% of his liver in 2020. He’s completed 10 half or full marathons and is registered for his first trail ultra-marathon this fall! Jay is our 1+1=LIFE transplant mentor.

Together with his wife, Jay leads care groups that build bridges between parents/grandparents of trans and non-binary children/grandchildren, their families, and the church. Want to know more about Jay’s incredible journey?

Jay’s episode is now available on the Vibrant Life Unlocked podcast!

Tune In and Learn All About Giving at the Ultimate Level and How it Had Changed Jay’s Life.

  • What came to your life after becoming a living kidney donor? (12:34)
  • What surprised you after taking the vibrancy life scan? (15:18)
  • What was your experience donating part of your liver? (25:35)
  • Why do you think there are less than 100 double-living organ donors in the world right now? (31:14)
  • What does living a vibrant life mean to you? (34:53)

In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why Jay decided to become a living kidney donor (02:29)
  • His relationship with the kidney recipient (04:45)
  • What Jay is doing as part of healthy living (18:55)
  • How donating a kidney changed his lifestyle (20:34)
  • His experience meeting the liver recipient (30:15)

Interested in learning more about becoming a living donor?  Check out our Potential Living Donor Database to see who is currently waiting for a transplant. If you’d like to learn more about non-directed donation, we have got you covered.