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Colorado’s Donate Life License Plate

Colorado Donate Life license plateIn 2009, the American Transplant Foundation successfully ran legislation to create a Donate Life specialty license plate in our home state of Colorado. Learn More

National Donate Life Month Awareness Programs

April is National Donate Life Month. The American Transplant Foundation participates in this nationwide effort by raising awareness for the importance of organ and tissue donation through events, press conferences, and donor registration drives. Visit our News page to read about the national and local public officials who have joined us for National Donate Life Month.

Team Sponsorship

Team Rocky MountainAmerican Transplant Foundation was proud to help sponsor Team Rocky Mountain at the 2012 Transplant Games of America, a multi-sport festival event for athletes who have undergone life-­saving transplant surgeries and living donors. Learn More

Fund that Assist Pediatric Transplant Patients

To save even more lives, the American Transplant Foundation developed a fund that assists pediatric transplant patients in Colorado. Together, with Children’s Hospital Colorado, the Foundation ensures children receive lifesaving transplants. Learn More

Team Transplant Races

The American Transplant Foundation’s Team Transplant participates in races to draw attention to the cause and to raise awareness about the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives have been affected by transplantation. Visit the Events page to learn more about the events encompassed by this program.

Multicultural Outreach & Education Program

More than half of the people on the waiting list for an organ transplant are racial or ethnic minorities, and the chances of receiving a transplant increase if the donor and recipient share the same racial and ethnic background. The American Transplant Foundation’s Multicultural Outreach and Education Program seeks to educate minorities about organ and tissue donation and to encourage members of these communities to register to become donors. Preventing the need for a transplant is also an important part of this program.

Patient Assistance Program

In January of 2009, the Foundation unveiled the new Patient Assistance Program. Funded exclusively through donations made in honor and in memory of loved ones and funds raised by the Transplant Leadership Council, these monies will be earmarked to provide one-time financial assistance to transplant patients on a case-by-case basis. For example, to receive a transplant a patient must have a clean dental bill of health, but not everyone has dental coverage or can afford a trip to the dentist. By working closely with transplant centers, the Foundation will be taking case referrals and requests and, based upon funds availability and patient eligibility, will provide assistance to those most in need.

Increasing Opportunities for Donor Registration

One of the American Transplant Foundation’s main goals is to make donor registration more mainstream and accessible. The Foundation worked with the Colorado Department of Revenue to add a donor registration form to the Colorado State income tax booklet, making the opportunity to register as an organ donor easy and annual. Colorado tax filers now have the opportunity to register as a donor when they fill out either the State-printed tax booklet or file online.

The Foundation is currently working with the State Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) to increase opportunities for registering as an organ donor through We have already succeeded in creating more accessible links to the online donor registry through the Division of Motor Vehicles page. Whereas previously only registered drivers who were renewing their licenses online could register to be organ donors, now everyone who accesses the page can do so if they click on New Residents, Teen Driver, Adult Driver, or Online Services. Visit the DMV’s site.

National Donor Sabbath

ALL major faiths and denominations in the U.S. support both living and deceased donation.

Every year, since 1997, two weekends before Thanksgiving, faith groups across the country raise awareness about the precious gift of organ and tissue donation in observance of National Donor Sabbath. In past years, National Donor Sabbath focused on education and donor registration. Yet while the number of registered donors is at an all-time high (100 million Americans), the transplant waiting list keeps growing.  Therefore, it is critical that we also emphasize the importance of living organ donation. To connect with religious communities, the American Transplant Foundation works with faith groups during National Donor Sabbath to spread the word that living organ donation is viable option to address the national shortage of transplant organs. This year, we would like to continue our work to promote transplant awareness with faith groups.

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