12 Days of Giving: Day Six, Pamela

Pamela hiking the White Mountains just 33 after donating her kidney!

Pamela works 7-9 days straight and spends the remainder of her time volunteering for her local search in rescue team in the White Mountains. Over the years, Pamela’s sister struggled with progressive kidney failure that left tethered to dialysis and in need of a lifesaving transplant. Pamela knew she would do anything to save her sister’s life, including donating her kidney. Her decision to donate was easy, “Because I can and I love my sister.”

Unfortunately, giving the Gift of Life would be mean going unpaid during her 4 week recovery period. In an effort to help save her sister’s life, the American Transplant Foundation provided financial assistance to cover Pamela’s mortgage for the month of her recover.

On November 12th, Pamela gave her sister a lifesaving kidney!

“It’s been one week since I gave my kidney and I am feeling so strong! Not worrying about finances was such a relief. It meant that I could give my kidney to my sister without hesitation. Besides, my sister is SO hard to shop for- but pink is a great color (at least that’s what the transplant surgeon said), it accessorizes with everything (she’ll have to wear it everywhere) and is absolutely non refundable!”    –  Pamela

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