American Transplant Foundation joins national book tour for “On the List”

On the List: Fixing America’s Failing Organ Transplant System

by Steve Farber and Harlan Abrahams

On the List CoverNow on sale!

The American Transplant Foundation will join board members Steve Farber and Harlan Abrahams in major cities around the country including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C. as they promote their new book, On the List. This compelling tale examines the ethical, legal, political, and economic debates over organ transplant policies as two very different families navigate the transplant maze.

During the tour, the Foundation will promote organ and tissue donation by dispelling myths, explaining how one can save lives through living and deceased donation, and promoting the donor registry to help accomplish the nationwide drive to register 100 million donors. We are excited to collaborate with our partners across the country as part of this educational campaign.

Book Signings and Events

We will share information about upcoming On the List signings and events and photos on our blog!

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Two families came together in the waiting room of a Denver hospital on May 11, 2004, to await kidney transplants for loved ones. In the first operation, Gregg Farber, 32, a real estate executive, donated a kidney to his father, Steve, a 60-year-old Denver lawyer and power broker. In the second, Guatemalan refugee and landscaper Ernesto Delaroca, also 32, donated a kidney to his sister Sandra, 19, a restaurant worker. The stories of how the Farber and Delaroca families made their separate journeys to the operating room offers insight into the hazards and inequities of a cobbled-together system that each year leaves more than 102,000 gravely ill Americans on the waiting list for a life-saving transplant. Steve Farber’s experience inspired him to write On the List with Harlan Abrahams. They examine the ethical, legal, political, and economic debates over organ transplant policies, expose the gray market for transplants in Third World countries, and propose solutions to one of the world’s most pressing health issues. An informative and inspiring guide to those who face transplant operations, the book is also a call to reform a system that is truly, and fatally, flawed.

About the Authors

Steve Farber is a founding partner of Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber & Schreck, a law firm with offices nationwide, where he has represented the Denver Broncos and Denver Nuggets. He has served as commissioner of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, co-chair of the Host Committee for the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and member of the board of directors for the University of Colorado Hospital Foundation. He also founded the American Transplant Foundation, which seeks to eliminate the shortage of human transplant organs in the United States. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

Learn more about Steve Farber’s transplant journey, which inspired him to create the American Transplant Foundation and to co-author On the List with Harlan Abrahams.

Harlan Abrahams is a lawyer, writer, and educator. Formerly a tenured professor of constitutional and administrative law, he is a frequent lecturer on public policy. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

About the Book

On-Sale August 18, 2009
ISBN 978-1-60529-840-5 / Hardcover / $24.95 / 288 pages

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  1. Paul Knapp
    Paul Knapp says:

    A powerful, great read. I am 43 yr old that is 2 months post heart transplant. I am happy that someone as smart and passionate as Steve F. Is leading this push. I waited 345 days with LVAD….I got lucky……many do not. 1 out 4 waiting for heart never make it to the table. Donor Awareness combined with as the book mention “opt out” and compensation could help the supply demand crisis the transplant world is in.

    Thanks again for this book!


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