12 Days of Giving: Day Ten, Jorge!

Jorge and his son, Osvaldo

Jorge’s eight-year old son, Osvaldo, was in dire need of a kidney. Osvaldo’s mother had already donated her kidney to her son when he was only two years old, making Jorge the only family member that could save their son’s life.

As the sole provider of their family of five, Jorge knew that becoming a living donor would cause financial strain on their family. Even though the road would be difficult, he knew that saving his son’s life was more important than anything.

Jorge gave his son the wonderful Gift of Life to his precious son in October of 2012.

The American Transplant Foundation’s Patient Assistance Program was able to provide this family with rental assistance during Jorge’s recovery time to offset his unpaid time off.

“Because of the financial assistance given by the Foundation, I was able to take unpaid time off from work to become a living donor. Without a kidney transplant, my son would have died. Today, Osvaldo is healthy and alive. Thank you for helping save my son’s life! ” -Jorge

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